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Dr Rakesh Chopra
Chairman, Institute of Corporate Management
Profit Mentor and Visionary Strategist

Dr. Rakesh Chopra

Dr. Rakesh Chopra is a Visionary Strategist who brings a unique mix of experience in the fields of medicine, business management and spirituality to his work as a Profit and Corporate Mentor. This gives him an in-depth understanding of human nature combined with the ability to visualise innovative strategies that can be applied in your business to accelerate its growth and multiply its profits.

He has been delivering mentoring and workshops for over 35 years, both in person in India and online to global clients. Numerous entrepreneurs and companies have substantially increased their turnover and multiplied business profits through his understanding of the principles of exponential growth and his ability to handle difficult people successfully.

He has also guided over 1 million people in how to achieve Effortless Success through living the principles of Samarpan Yog. This is a straightforward approach to accepting life as it is that can smooth your path to business growth by reducing and gradually eliminating any feelings of stress and struggle.

His clients include corporations, government departments and educational establishments, SMEs, individual business professionals and entrepreneurs. Dr. Chopra is author of “The Stress Cyclone: Suffer or Emerge Out”. He has made numerous TV and radio appearances and has been a speaker at various national and international events.


Dr KomalPreet Kaur
Chairperson, Institute of Psychometric Assessment & Counselling
Mind Designer

Dr. Komalpreet Kaur

Dr. Komalpreet Kaur a Mind Designer is a Chairperson of Institute of Psychometric Assessment & Counselling. She is vibrant and enthusiastic with professional attitude and has a strong commitment to excellence. She is a young and dynamic lady with over 15 years of experience in conducting Psychometric Assessment, Counseling and Intervention Programmes and expert in conducting trainings, seminars & workshops for Schools, Institutes and Corporates.

Being qualified and experienced in understanding the patterns in subconscious mind she is a catalyst for positive changes in individuals. She is helping people in redesigning their mind because she believes that Mind Designing aims at Life Designing.

Dr. Komalpreet has an innate ability to relate to people and their thoughts. Her warmth and invincible energy motivates people to find solutions. She believes that real life experiences contribute in reaching our goals. She inspires people to accept challenges as opportunities and work with a belief in the best and come out as winners.

She is also awarded with various awards like Indian Health Excellence Award 2019 by Honorable Shri Ashwini Kumar Chaubey (Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India) Ambassador for Peace Award (Universal Peace Federation), International Reiki Ratan Award, (USA Chapter of Reiki Healing Foundation) to name a few. Her contribution is spectacular in the field of Emotional Health. She has also created few products like Emotional Health Mastery, Inner Mind Designing for Prosperity, Divine Memory Miracles, Good Touch and Bad Touch (Activity Book for Kids), etc which are available on the website www.myminddesigner.com.


Ms. Vasuli Kalsi
Compatibility Mentor, Institute of Psychometric Assessment and Counselling

Ms. Vasuli Kalsi

Ms. Vasuli Kalsi is a Compatibility Mentor at Institute of Psychometric Assessment and Counselling. She helps people develop relevant compatibility of two or more people on a common project or in a particular relationship. 

With a fresh perspective, she prioritize psychological as well as experiential well being of the clients.  The suitable interventions provided by her speeds up the process of bringing clarity and developing client’s holistic understanding of emotions and perceptions. Consequently it develops the capacity to deal with stress and resolve the psychological road blocks. This saves a lot of precious time and other valuable resources of one’s life, as well as of people around them.