Stress Eradication

My doctor friends ask me, “What are you doing professionally?” I tell them, “You tell people to stop worrying and they have one more worry of not worrying AND I guide them professionally how not to worry.”

Please never forget that “Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles but it robs you of today’s peace”.

During this era of competitive race to get success at every cost, most of the people are feeling anxiety and some are experiencing depression as well. Mental health is the need of the hour which can be attained by the need based mentoring, relevant counselling and specific psychotherapy given by professional psychologists. Why build up stress first and then manage it when it can be easily eradicated by the practical but research based meditation.

Because of this unexpected attack of corona virus leading to lockdown every thing around you has collapsed. The whole world is surrounded by confusion leading to stressful situations. Is the life over? Is there nothing worthwhile? Is there no solution to the current situation?

Why build up stress first and then plan to find ways to manage it when it can also be eradicated right now. Even the lion takes two steps backwards before the focused action – the so called attack. The time now is ripe to reinvent yourself for the future meaningful gains

Are you a zero stress individual?

Please contemplate on this question. The fact is you had been zero stress in all those situation where either you are an expert or you have a well defined strategic planning. The need is to learn to live zero stress every moment of your life. Please remember that the stressful person is emotional, lacks long term vision and makes short term decisions which can be dangerous.

And never forget that the stress may not kill a person but it definitely kills ones initiative. Thus your ability to think creatively and innovatively is impaired. You are more likely to react rather than to be able to respond or absorb. As a responsible person you cannot afford to be stressed as your performance will suffer in all areas. 

Life is full of countless situations

People normally call the so called unmanageable situation as a problem. Problem is not visible in the present moment but something that might happen in the future. When that negative feeling linked with the problem multiplies in its depth then that is experienced as fear. When the fear becomes mild it is called worry. In-fact fear and worry keep on fluctuating and at times people experience extreme negative feeling (FEAR) and at times they feel mild negative feelings (WORRY). You can also say that fear is called strong worry and worry is called mild fear. This worry is building up a pressure on mind and the body, called STRESS. The effect of stress on mind is called TENSION and the effect of stress on body is called STRAIN.  


Can you fight against stress?

Can you fight against darkness? Darkness is only absence of light, bring light in and darkness disappears. Can you fight against hunger? Hunger is only absence of food, take food and hunger disappears. Can you fight against failure? Failure is only absence of success, live success and failure disappears. Can you fight against a problem? Problem is only absence of solution, find solution and problem disappears. Same way you cannot fight against stress. Stress is only absence of the right focused strategic planning. Adopt the strategic planning with the right focus and stress disappears.


Worry v/s Responsibility

In life you need energy to do anything and everything. Whether you do anything physically or you think within your mind – you do need energy. For justifying your responsibilities you need energy for sure. When you worry you again need energy because worry is a thinking process. If for example 20% of your energy has gone into worry then how much is left with responsibility. Simple mathematics perhaps says 80% but that is not true. Focus on a game of tug of war where two groups are pulling a thick rope – the energy of group A is balanced with the energy of Group B and the group having more energy is a winner.

Just like the game of tug of war, worry is snatching away equal amount of energy from the responsibility side and you are left with 60% energy and not 80%. And you think that 60% energy is enough to justify the responsibility BUT if 50% of your energy goes towards energy and then the worry will snatch away equal amount (50%) from the responsibility side and you are left with NIL energy. You might have experienced this situation when at times even for a simple situation you feel that your mind is not working – because at that time you don’t have any energy even to think. The best of electronic equipments can’t function if there is no power.

Just imagine a situation when 100% of your energy goes to the worry side then what will happen. It needs equal amount of energy to balance the situation, from where the energy come? In that case worry will snatch away equal amount from body’s reserve quota of energy which is stored in the liver. As a result one feels lifeless. You might have experienced this kind of situation sometime in your life. So the worry (thus the stress as well) are never positive. You need to learn to live beyond stress to live a happy life.


Worry is the misuse of imagination

We have been given the power to imagine. Whether we imagine something negative or positive, is in our hands. A person was eating bread and was crying at the same time. Someone asked him why is he crying? He said that there are lots of chillies in the food. The person was taken aback because he only had plain bread and no dish at all so he asked, “Where are the chillies?” The instant answer came, “I am imagining chillies”. The person was shocked and told him that as he has nothing with him so why to imagine chillies – he can also imagine some delicious dish as well. 

It has been generally seen that when any so called negative situation happens people immediately focus to imagine the worst consequences which is not fair as nothing like that has happened yet. Worry indeed is the misuse of imagination. Let’s accept the past and the running present as it is, with a non-judgemental attitude but never imagine the future consequences as those have not happened yet. Use your judgement to plan the future as in the future, you may have so many options. Thus you need a strategic planning to be able to manage your current situation successfully and live a happy cum fulfilled life. 

Your professional investment

Stress Eradication Mentoring Sessions

Primary: Mrs Vasuli Kalsi: 30 minutes. INR 1100 (UK £12 – USA $ 15)
Premium: Dr Komal Preet Kaur: 30 minutes. INR 3100 (UK £35 – USA $ 45)
Premium Plus: Dr Rakesh Chopra: 30 minutes. INR 10,000 (UK £130 – USA $ 165)

Sponsored Session: If because of any reason, currently you are short of funds then you can request for a Sponsored session to the Chairperson IPAC at – in that case you only pay a Commitment Fee of Rs 100 and for the rest of the amount we will find a sponsor for you.

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